Eileen lives near the town of Doniphan, Missouri where she and her husband Tom, a retired military officer, are reclaiming an old farmstead.

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The birds and animals that live in their woods and around their lake are a constant source of inspiration for her wildlife paintings and there is usually a story behind her paintings. Although she is primarily a wildlife and nature artist, she also does florals using flowers from her many flower gardens.

Whether she uses oils, acrylic, water colors or colored pencils on canvas or paper depends on what the subject is, the amount of details needed and the mood of the dfinished work.

She has won many honors and awards throughout the nation with her work and is also known internationally.

All of Eileen's 'prints' are Limited Edition Reproductions (L.E.R.) of her original paintings.  No open editions.  All L.E.R.'s are signed and numbered (S/N) including the Artist's Proofs (A.P.)

Full color remarques are available for $65.00 extra. Pencil remarques are $50.00 extra.